Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Blackpool stay ★

My honey and I have recently come back from a short stay in Blackpool~ (^▽^)

I had a few days off work so we decided to go away for a little bit as a change of scenery (/^▽^)/

We did quite a few things which were quite fun! ヽ( ★ω★)ノ

The weather was actually a lot worse than it looks. It rained quite often and was super super windy. I snapped this picture of Blackpool tower when the sun had appeared for the bit. 

We also had a walk along the beach side for a little while~ ( ^∇^)

But the tide was starting to get quite high so we had to move away. The waves were very pretty to watch though~

We went to a lot of arcades and played a lot of games. We tried to win stuff from the grab machines but we were not able to (; ̄д ̄)

We also went to a casino too! I've never been to a casino before and it was a lot of fun. We did not win anything but it was an experience!

Here are some pictures from the other things we did~

We went to Madame Tussaud's which is a famous line of wax work museums~

Some of the wax works were really good and realistic!

My honey with wax Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell~

Gok Wan~

Myself with the wax version of Keith Lemon on Celebrity Juice~

This wax version of Freddie Mercury was so realistic (。´∀`)ノ

I really liked this wax version of Lady Gaga but her arms look so scary and shiny ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ

We also visited the Sea Life Centre! I've never been to a Sea Life Centre before so I was really excited~ \(^▽^)/

Lobsterrr~ ( ‘з’)/

This is the biggest Japanese spider crab according to the Guinness World Records~ They call him Big Daddy. The picture doesn't show how big he is though because he's scarily big! (/。\)

This part was really really beautiful and full of so many kinds of different fish ヽ(^Д^)ノ

And you were also able to walk through a tunnel underneath it and see the fish close up. I really liked his fish who was casually sitting on the floor. He was really big too though!

Ahhhh pretty jellyfish! ( ★ω★)

And I found some fish like Dory out of Finding Nemo \(T∇T)/

We also went to an exhibit called Ripley's Believe it or not. Apparantely this used to be a TV show about amazing things from around the world. My honey knows the program but I have never watched it before, but the exhibit had some really interesting things.

This was an area about witchcraft (* >ω<)

And there was also a 'genuine' vampire killing kit which was quite cool to look at~

This statue of a horse is made completely out of deadwood, and it looks really amazing ( ^∇^)

And there was also this dress that was made entirely out of bicycle tires. There we quite a few interesting exhibitions inside.

I also wanted to have fish and chips whilst I was in Blackpool~

I wanted to eat them by the sea but because the weather was so bad I was not able to (;*△*;)

It was really really nice though!

I also wanted ice cream whilst I was in Blackpool~ This was a toffee sundae I had which was really really nice! (ノ^∇^)

This was the second time I have been to Blackpool and it was really really fun~

Saturday, 11 October 2014

New hair colour and wishlist purchase → ♪

Hello! Sorry I haven't posted in a while~ I've been a little busy!

But in the time that I have been away from blogging I've changed my hair a little~ 

I used to have a pink and brown split fringe and lately I was really missing having a bit of bright colour in my hair (‘A`)

And when I browsing through Boots one of the days I came across a new shade in the Schwarzkopf Ultra Brights collection called Turquoise temptation and I really loved the colour, so I decided that I was going to have turquoise in my hair! 

I also picked up some boxes of Garner Olia dye in the colour chocolate brown too because my roots had started to become very overgrown (✖╭╮✖)

And so I started to process off changing my hair colour~

My first step was to cut my fringe into a full fringe again because it had become very overgrown~

After that I was able to start the dyeing and bleaching process! (。´∀`)ノ

I put the bleach in first and left that in for around half an hour before starting with the brown dye. I had to put tin foil around the other side of the bleached area so no brown dye would touch that area ( ´△`)

I ended up looking like Cruella deville for a little bit (*≧ω≦)

After washing that out I was able to start with the turqoise dye!

Unflattering picture! I had mixed the turqoise dye with a tiny bit of my John Frieda hair conditioner since the bleach had already dryed my hair out a little bit. 

After this I washed my hair out again and also used a nourishing conditioner to help the condition of my hair more~

And this was my hair when I was finished ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

The turqoise colour is really nice and quite vibrant~ ★

I actually had to do two applications of turqoise dye in the end because the first time didn't take incredibly well and there were areas that were still very very light but I was really happy after the second application because the bleached area was all over blue (^▽^)

I'm currently using quite a few hair masks because I do tend to abuse my hair and at first the blue part of my fringe was very very dry afterwards, but it's a lot better now and a lot more healthier and not as dry (/^▽^)/

But I'm so happy with how this came out! I think once the blue washes out then I'll rebleach the area and repinkify my fringe! I actually have two boxes of Schwarzkopf shocking pink and a Bleach London rose dye in my cupboard that needs using; but as for now I'm very happy~~ ♡

And I also wanted to share one of my new purchases! I did a birthday wishlist of different items, and I bought myself one of those items! ♡

omgggg it's so pretty! (♥ω♥*)

Perfect timing for Halloween too ♡

I actually wore this dress out too when I went out for a meal with my mum and sisters~

This was my hair, make-up and jewellery ♡

I definetly got into the Halloween mood (´ ▽`).。o♡

And I also picked up new tights from Primark that remindedme a little of mummy bandages (˼●̙̂ ̟ ̟̎ ̟ ̘●̂˻)

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Currently I'm... { September edition } ♪

It's time for the September issue of Currently I'm...!

 The other day when I visited my mum we were talking about recipes because my mum had found this new feature on her laptop that opened up lots of different recipes. So, I took pictures on my phone of the recipes to try later on! This is one of the things I made; a chicken and mushroom pie, customised with the letter's of our first names and a little heart. They were really nice pies too! I just happened to make them really really big so it was difficult to finish the whole pie o口(・∀・ )

And I've finally opened my Bertie Botts every flavour beans! I tried some of the horrible flavours and I really can't eat the vomit and rotten egg flavours (′︿‵。) The soap flavoured bean is actually really nice though! And the sherbet lemon, marshmallow and candyfloss flavoured beans are amazing though. I'd buy them if they were in their own kind of packet ♡

My honey and I went to the HMV in Birmingham when we went on our Sushi date last week and we ended up picking up some new DVDs~ My honey picked up some new comedy DVDs and I picked up some new world cinema DVDs. I picked up a copy of Battle Royale which is such a classic film and I can not believe I haven't got it yet! I also picked up a French DVD called The Horde, which is a zombie film, which sounded quite interesting so I can not wait to watch it and see what it is like! (ノ^∇^)

I've currently started playing Candy Crush Saga again a lot lately! I'm currently stuck on level 414 and I've been stuck on it for a few days now. I'm finding it a lot of fun again though. I did stop playing for months because I was getting annoyed because I couldn't get any further (this game can get quite infuriating!) ~(>_<~) but I'm slowly getting further now!

 Super Junior are back! I did blog about my Song of the Week a few days ago, but I'm still listening the album because it is so good. I've missed them so much! There is also a video on their official YouTube account about Super Show 6 which is meant to be a worldwide tour, and so far I haven't seen the mention of a UK date anywhere, but I am super sure that I am not going to miss that show if there is one in the UK! ♪( ´θ`)ノ

My honey and I are going to Blackpool in October! My honey has booked us a hotel and we're going to spend some time in Blackpool together~ I went to Blackpool a few years ago for my birthday and it was a lot of fun. During that time I went on a few nights out and got a little drunk. This time it's going to be nice and relaxing though. I can not wait to get into some of the arcades and have some fun and kick my honey's butt! “ヽ(´▽`)ノ”

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Characters I'd like to cosplay ★

My honey and I are planning to go to the MCM Comic Con in Birmingham again this year~ (•‿•)

And my honey asked me the other day if we are going to dress up for it this time. Last time I just went in Gyaru ♡

So this time I would really love to cosplay or dress up! (๑✧◡✧๑)

But it also got me thinking about which characters I  would love to cosplay!

So I made this list to share with you~ (o^^)o

Bulma from Dragonball 

Image sources~

I've always loved this costume of Bulma's~ I would either cosplay with this costume or as her bunny girl costume, but I'd only do her bunny girl costume if I was much more thinner. Either way, this would be a pretty simple cosplay to put together (especially for a novice like myself!) *(*´∀`*)☆

Sakura Kinomoto from Cardcaptor Sakura

Image sources~

There are so many costumes from Cardcaptor Sakura to choose from, and I have quite a few favourites, but this dress is one of my all time favourites because it's so cute and puffy and has giant wings (´♡‿♡`+)

Alice from Alice: Madness Returns

Image sources~

I love the royal suit dress from Alice: Madness returns! ♡ I love quite a lot of the costumes from the game, but I especially fell in love with this one. If I'd ever cosplay as Alice though I would love to make a hobby horse to carry around because that weapon is awesome ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ

Eternal Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon 

Image sources~

There are a few variations of Sailor Moon's costume to choose from, but I really love the eternal Sailor Moon costume with the big wings. I've always wanted to cosplay Sailor Moon since I first started watching the anime! ~ヾ(^∇^)

Mana-sama from MALICE MIZER

Image sources~

I'm a big fan of Mana and when I was younger I used to base my make-up off of his make-up. My favourite costume of his of all time was from Gardenia. I just love the large tulle skirt of the dress and the tulle train at the back. This would be a dream cosplay! ヾ(@† ▽ †@)ノ

Giselle from Disney's Enchanted

Image sources~

Enchanted is one of my favourite Disney films, and my favourite costume from the film is the dress Giselle made out of the curtains. It's such a beautiful dress. Most of the time I live in a fairytale world in my head! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

Lulu from Final Fantasy X

Image sources~

Lulu is such an awesome character and her outfit is amazing with the belt detailing at the front. This cosplay would be awesome to do and it would also be fun to carry around a little Moogle at the same time ヘ(^_^ヘ)

Are there any cosplays that you would like to do?