Saturday, 19 July 2014

Family meal ★

Last week I went out for a meal with my boyfriend and his family as it was his Brother's 30th Birthday~ 

We went to a really nice restaurant called The Blue Brick that serves really nice food~ ヽ( ★ω★)ノ

I'm wearing my new wig! I'm not sure if I've shown you before~ 

But it was twin tails that I can clip onto the wig if I want bigger hair, like how I'm wearing it here ♡

I really love it! I love the blend of brown and blonde 。^‿^。

I'm not keen on my eyebrows here either, I think they were waaaay to thin for me~ I never usually draw them on that thin!

Anyway, onto the meal ★

I had tomato soup for my starter~ 

It was really nice!

I also had spinach and ricotta lasagne with salad as my main course~ 

This was really really nice; I can't write in words how much I loved this! ♡

And then for dessert my boyfriend's Sister had made a cake~

The two lizards (I'm actually not really sure if they're lizards or geckos or such) are supposed to be modelled after the two that my boyfriend's Brother has~ 

They look so cool~ They were made out of mouldable chocolate so they're eatable! 

The poor lizards had their heads eaten first (✖╭╮✖)

Thursday, 17 July 2014

My Birthday plans ♡

Look what came in the post the other day~

Our tickets for The Making of Harry Potter tour (。♥‿♥。)
I'm so excited for my birthday~ ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ
I'm planning to dress in my Slytherin uniform! 

It's going to be so awesome~

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Paris trip { pic heavy } ♡

Sorry it's taken me a while to get this post up! 

But my Paris trip post is finally ready~ 

I had a really good time in Paris~ I went when I was younger but it's much different to go as an adult who has the mental age of a child (ノ^∇^)

We arrived at the airport nice and early so we had breakfast~ 

This seems to be my tradition before going on a flight~ (^∇^)

But then we got some really bad news! The flight company had oversold the flight so there was a chance we wasn't able to get on the flight ( ≧Д≦) All we had to do was to go to the gate when it was announced and find out then.... 

Sadly, we couldn't get on the flight, there was about six of us all together who couldn't get on the flight, so we were quite angry, and we had to wait another six hours to get onto another flight to Paris (T⌓T) The air company did give us compensation and money for free food in the airport so we were happy about that at least. 

So we just spent some time pondering around the airport, even though there wasn't much to do really....

We sat down and ate some more~ 

And also walked around the airport some more but after about two hours we were kinda fed up of waiting!

However, at least we were able to get on this flight! 

I'm a really bad flyer though (;° ロ°)

If the plane makes any move at all then I get all panicky! I really don't like when planes turn either and when they're starting decent. I feel like I've improved a little since the first flight I'd ever been on, but I'm still pretty bad. 

We got free snacks on the plane though! These were really nice~

When we arrived in Paris though it was already dark, and we didn't get to our hotel until 11pm (/ _ ; )

Our original plan was to get to Paris, drop off our luggage in the hotel room and head back out to explore, but because of the flight issues we weren't able to do that and we missed half a day that we could have used to explore and find some nice places.

So all we could do was go to bed and get up really early the next day to travel to do some of the things we planned~

The view out of our hotel room~

We woke up early the next day and got ready to head out!

We got to experience the French rail and metro system on our travels, which was quite fun.

We made it to our first destination quite well though! 

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Disneyland ♡

I had been wanting to visit Disneyland since my boyfriend and I were talking about going to Paris~

And the weather was beautiful and hot too ♡

We also saw Russell from Up! He's one of my favourite Disney Pixar characters ever ♡

And The Aristocats~ It's one of my all time favourite films (。’▽’。)♡

 Ahhhhhh the princess castle (●♡∀♡)

We explored the princess castle for a bit~ 

The stained glass windows were beautiful~ 

 We also went onto the balcony. The view was so pretty!

We started to walk around Disneyland after that~ To be honest we didn't really go on an rides. I'm not really a big fan of rides, and some rides had really long queues ( ≧Д≦)

We did go in the Curious Labyrinth though~

And then when we came out of the labyrinth there were some of the characters from Alice in Wonderland outside~

The red queen ♡

Alice and The Mad Hatter ♡

We just ventured off around Disneyland~ We didn't really use the map unless we needed the toilet (≧∇≦)/

Skull rock~

One of the views from inside Skull Rock~

Next to Agrabah!

I love the scene in Aladdin where Aladdin is trying to escape the guards (≧∇≦)/

 This was so pretty (⌒▽⌒)☆

 We also found Baloo from the Jungle Book! ♡

We started to get pretty hungry so we went to get food~ The restuarant front really reminds me of something fro Bioshock Infinite!

The burger box is so cute ♡

After being fed and watered we needed to get souvenirs!

 It looked really cool inside this souvenir shop~ 

There are so many souvenir shops there though ヾ(@゜∇゜@)ノ

I got some Minnie Mouse ears though!

Tiiired face (*/∇\*)

I wore these all around Disneyland ♡

I also got a Ratatouille souvenir coin because that film is so cute ♡

On our way out there was also a performance so we stopped to watch that~

It was all about spring ( ^∇^)

I really loved visiting Disneyland Paris! I would really like to go again one day and try to meet one of the Disney princesses ♡

We then hopped back on the metro/rail system to go to the other side of Paris!

We wanted to go and see the Eiffel Tower~

Woooow.... (°o°;)

We didn't get to go up the Eiffel tower though because the queue was really really long and it was starting to get dark. We were a bit worried about travelling in the dark in a country we didn't know. 

I have been up the Eiffel tower before though and the views were amazing from there! 

We also walked around Paris for a bit before heading back~

There were some really pretty buildings~ I wish we had more time to explore (┳◇┳)

 Before settling down for the night we also went to a restaurant next to our hotel for dinner~ 

It was quite nice food and I was quite full up at the end~

The next day was the day to travel back home (´A`。)

My last meal in France~

And at least we could get on the right flight this time! (≧∇≦)/

I remember my boyfriend saying to me, in relation to my  fears of flying, that you should be more worried if a plane only has two engines because if one engine fails the pilot only has 50% control of the plane, whereas, if a plane has four engines and one engine fails then the pilot still has 75% control of the plane. 

And then I saw that the plane only had two engines so my mind went a bit crazy (/ω\)

But  we arrived safely back in the UK! 

I really liked my time in France~ I'd really like to go again some time ( ^∇^)

We also picked up a little Eiffel Tower as our souvenir for our living room ♡