Monday, 14 April 2014

Keyhunter ~ escape room challenge~♪

My honey and I had a really fun evening out this Saturday~ ♡

My honey had booked for us to do a live escape the room challenge at a place called Keyhunter in Birmingham. Funnily enough, it was on a place called Sherlock street! (^v^)

My honey found a deal on Groupon for the experience and booked it for us. We also went with my honey's brother and his partner, and also my honey's best friend and his wife. It's the first time we'd all been out together as a group~ ヽ(^▽^)人(^▽^)人(^▽^)ノ

This was my make-up for the day~ ♪

It was a wig wearing day since my natural hair is in between dyeing stages at the moment~ I had to recut the bangs to this wig so I hope they look okay. I'm not the best at wig styling yet! (´A`。)

I also combined two pairs of false eyelashes. I combined a pair of my Ageha eyelashes with a pair of cheap eBay lashes and I think they look really nice. 

The Keyhunter experience itself was quite fun~ ♪

We had booked in to the room called "Double Crossing" and when we asked apparently everyone who had been into that room during the day had not completed it so we didn't fancy our odds at completing it either. 

But whilst in there it was a lot of fun. We had an hour to solve clues to open padlocks and ultimately to open a safe which had the key to get out of the room. 

I can't really post too much because I don't to give it away for other people but some of the clues were quite hard (;¬_¬)

But I'm really happy to say that we escaped the room! With about three seconds to spare!!

And the proof! ヽ(^ω^)人(^▽、^)ノ

It was a really fun experience and I think we'd all definetly like to try something like this again~ 

The only criticism I have is that I wish there was more to the story, especially when you're in the room, but it was really fun!

Afterwards we all went out for food because we were near the Chinese Quarter in Birmingham~ We went to a resturant called Jacky's Kitchen (*^◇^)_旦

I ordered salt and pepper Japanese bean curd and steamed rice ★


It was so nice! I love anything salt and pepper ♡

I hope everyone has had a good weekend too ☆彡

Saturday, 5 April 2014

New home ♡

Sorry I haven't been able to blog for a little while~ 

It took a while for the internet to get installed in our apartment but it's finally been installed so I have precious internet. ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ

In this post I'm going to show you around the apartment that my honey and I share~ 

It's still not 100% but it's getting there! 

Move in day was really fun~ We both have a lot of stuff so it took quite a few journeys to move all of our stuff to the apartment, and then afterwards it took ages to sort everything out. 

We (well mainly I) still have a bit of stuff in boxes and bags until we sort out some storage but we have almost everything now~ 

So this is my kitchen~ 

We have a combined kitchen and living room so it's all open plan and really nice~ 

I love the kitchen though; it's not huge but it's the perfect size for two people!
Next is our bedroom~ 
I decided to get a clothes rail for all my clothes. I have a tendency to over stuff wardrobes and I've always loved my aunt's clothing rail. 

It has shoe storage too! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I managed to really badly cut my hand when putting it together though~ 

It bled for like two days; I had to get paper stitches to stop it bleeding (╥_╥)

This is my little girly corner with all of my jewellery, perfume and trinkets~

And then our bed~

My Grandmother bought us these bedsheets and I really love them! Plus all of my teddies live in the bedroom.
I was also really excited because today we got our new sofa and comfy chair! \(^▽^)/

For the past two weeks we've been sitting on a beanbag and a foot stool so it was nice to get some proper furniture to sit on!

We still want some sofa side tables though but then we think the living room will be complete~ 
And lastly, here is the view from my front door (‐^▽^‐)

I live in a converted girl's boarding school, so the school has been transfered into flats~ 

From my front door you can see the old school gym which they are not allowed to do anything with because it's a grade two listed building, whch is a real shame. 

We also have a communial garden too which is really nice in the sun 

I really love our place though (。♥‿♥。)

I can't wait til we have everything; especially so our bedroom can be less messy! (>y<)

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Ramen at Paper Duck and MY STORY~♡

My honey and I tried another new restaurant last week! We love our food as you can tell with my constant food pictures~ (*^◇^)_旦

A new rice and noodle bar had opened in our city centre that I really wanted to try so my honey took me there for a treat. 

The place is called Paper Duck and it's really warm and welcoming. The inside is very bright and spacious (I wish I'd took a picture now!) and there are cute cartoon drawings on the walls~ 

The menu isn't very big, but you can mix and match stuff, like types of noodles and different ingredients, so you can always make a new combination each time you go.

There were also sudoku puzzles on the menus so I did the puzzles whilst waiting for the food to come out ☆

I ordered beef ramen with udon  ♪

I love ramen with udon~ Noodles aren't the same unless they're big like udon are (/^▽^)/

The portion size is really big and it really filled me up! Everything was so tasty and I really enjoyed it. The ramen soup was especially delicious, I could have just drank the soup by itself because I liked it that much.

I can't wait to go again and try something different~!

I'm also super excited because I added another item to my Ayumi Hamasaki collection this week ♡

This is one of my most favourite ayu tours of all time! ~(˘▾˘~) Power of Music and Tour of Secret are my first two favourites ★彡 I've wanted this DVD for such a long time though!

All of the songs and performances are amazing, the costumes are beautiful and ayu is just perfect in every way~ ♡

I wanted to watch it with my honey but when I took the DVD to his home the DVD didn't work because of the region code, which made me really sad~ o(╥﹏╥)o

 I like showing my honey ayu's tours because she's my idol and is a very important person to me!! (。♥‿♥。) I even showed my honey all of the ayu songs I want when I get married~

I did watch it after work the other day though when I needed to relax~☆

If I wasn't so scared I'd have a tattoo of the 'A' key on my back ♡ It's one of my favourite ayu symbols~

I've always wanted to have these lyrics from UNITE! as a tattoo too ♪

「人間はね儚く だけどね強いモノ」

It says "People are short lived but they are strong" ♡

I'm too scared of pain and needles though! Which is ironic because I've had many operations so I'm used to pain and needles by now!

Ahhh, there are still so many items I need for my ayu collection!

But I'm slowly getting them one by one (*⌒▽⌒*)θ~♪

Now back to watching horror films before bed!

Kaomoji invasion!!!
My blog needed to look more cute~

I'll see you soon~~ 

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Long time no see ☆

Long time no see~~

 I couldn't resist XP 

I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while! I've been really really busy lately~ 

So here's a quick update of what I've been up to!

Firstly, I've changed my hair~ 

I picked up this beautiful iced chocolate hair dye~ 

And now my pink is gone~ T_____T

I wanted to get rid of the pink because my roots were growing out and it was washing out super quick, but I regret getting rid of the pink already! It might make a reappearance at some point, but a lot of people say I look nicer with just brunette hair now. 

Next was Valentine's day!

My honey and I don't celebrate Valentine's day because we don't need one day to show eachother we love eachother, and we get eachother gifts and go for meals all the time and I always let him know he is loved, but I did get a little something off a secret admirer~

The rose is so pretty!

My honey and I also went for a lovely meal last week~

Yummmmm Mexican food~ The chicken and chorizo skewers were especially delicious!

My honey and I also attended a wedding on Sunday! I'd never been to a wedding before before this one so I was quite nervous. It was the wedding of my honey's best friend so it was very special. 

I got really caught up in what to wear too because I had no idea what to wear! My honey said I could wear anything but I wanted to look and feel nice. I ended up picking a dress up from Jane Norman (sorry no picture ;~;) and some accessories to match~ 

My theme was black and beige/pink because the dress was beige/pink with black lace over the top so these were my accessories~ My heels killed me!! 

And this was my look for the day~ 

Before extensions (with short hair)

And after extensions (with long hair pinned to the side) 

I really liked my make-up! I haven't been able to wear make-up in so long and I missed the feeling of putting make-up on~

Here are my nails too~ I haven't worn false nails in so long!

The wedding itself was really beautiful and simple. It wasn't over the top and everything was so clean and fresh. The bride looked beautiful too! I felt quite envious because I want to get married. The venue was really beautiful too. It was a big old house with big rooms and beautiful old features. 

Here's the view from the front~

So pretty!

And lastly, this is the thing that is mostly taking up my time (other than work)~ 

Packing up my stuff to move out! That's not all of my stuff yet~

It's come around so quickly! My honey and I will be moving into our own apartment next month. I'm so excited! I can't wait to have my own space!

I still have a few things to pack, like my xbox, mugs, clothes etc, but I've packed all my games/CDs/DVDs, ornaments and all of my other stuff.

My honey and I have also bought lots of items to move out with!

The latest stuff has been cleaning products and we also got a hoover! I also picked up bedding the other day too. It's so exciting  buying house stuff. I can't wait to show you all our apartment when we move in!

I hopefully won't leave it too long before my next blog post!