Sunday, 7 February 2016

Nude eyes and bold lips ☆

Aoife and I went to have some special pictures taken yesterday so it was an opportunity to wear a bit more than my daily make-up since we we're going to have some pictures taken together~
I decided to stick with nude eyes but bold lips to match the apple print on my dress. The dress I'm wearing is from Hell Bunny and it's one of my favourites.

Lipstick is one of the only make-up items that I'm still very unsure of. I've got quite a few different shades of lipstick but I'm never sure if it suits me or not. This red lipstick was part of Kate Moss' collection for Rimmel. 

Thursday, 4 February 2016

First smoothie attempt~

I'm currently on a quest to loose my pregnancy weight and more! 

So I thought as part of that I'd start making smoothies, particularly breakfast smoothies as I'm constantly skipping breakfast~ 

I love fruit and veg but I also don't eat near enough, and making smoothies is both fun but would make sure I'd eat more fruit and veg. 

It's not difficult to go wrong with a smoothie but I'd never exactly made one before either!
This blender is actually my honey's. He bought it to make cocktails with and I've only ever seen him use it twice, so now I'm taking it for my smoothie making!

I didn't follow a recipe for this; I just kinda dumped things in the blender without measuring it out. 

I added some strawberries, apple, low fat greek yogurt, a bit of honey and milk and blended~
This was my result~!

This tasted amazing! I really really enjoyed it and it looks really nice as well. For my first smoothie experiment I was really really happy. I think I managed to get the right balance of fruit, yogurt and honey.

I'm on the lookout for some more smoothie recipes to try out so if anyone has any please send them my way! 

I want to do smoothies with lots of different flavours, especially fruit flavours I don't really eat such as mango or kiwi.

Monday, 1 February 2016

No more grey ♡

I've finally got round to dyeing my hair!

I was really excited to do so, as I hadn't dyed my hair for 10 months~ 

I'd heard conflicting advice about dyeing your hair whilst pregnant and so I decided to avoid it all together. 

However, my root growth was quite greyish blonde in colour so it was so noticeable to myself when looking in the mirror and so it made me feel a little self-concious so I'd tie my hair up a lot instead of leaving it down. 
My hair before the dye~ 

You can really see the grey/blondeness!

I decided to go with a John Frieda foam dye for two reasons. Reason 1 ~ It's one of my favourite brand of dyes! Especially when I'm self dyeing my hair because the foam ensures I get all of my hair. Reason 2 ~ There was a better than half price deat at Superdrug meaning I could get 2 boxes of dye for the price of 1 as well as earning points on my Superdrug card.
I've used this shade of chocolate brown so many times!
During shot haha~ 

I'm also very good at dyeing my forehead but I did pretty well this time. 

And this was the result~ 
Pyjama selfie!

My roots are a little lighter, but I'm planning on getting my hair cut soon (as I haven't had my hair cut since I was around 5 months pregnant! So after having a trim it'll look better and healthier. I was thinking about having a full fringe back in. The last time I had a full fringe I cut it myself at home but I'm not feeling so confident in doing it anymore so I think I'd better leave the hair cutting to the professionals!

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Favourite phone apps ~

Neko Atsume
Because I'm a crazy cat lady! Look at their little faces!

Baby Sleep
This app has been very useful if I've needed a hand getting Aoife to sleep. Her favourite noise appears to be the washing machine sound. Useful when I have no washing to put into the washing machine. 

Frozen Free Fall
My honey originally downloaded this game on his xbox and then after watching him play I downloaded it on my phone instead. I've become a little obsessed with it truthfully.

My Fitness Pal
It's time to get into shape after having Aoife! Along with regular exercise, I've started tracking what I eat. I love barcode scanning stuff.  

My honey wants us to appear on Pointless and so we downloaded the app to test our Pointless knowledge. So far I've only managed to get a handful of Pointless answers so more training is needed!


I love using Groupon for the cheap deals. I've used it for so many different items for myself and others. It's easy to just throw my money at this app.